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Thanks from Balise 25 for your participation to the french 4 days of O Doubs 2015

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23. July           SPRINTS              La Rivière Drugeon



24. July           LONG DISTANCE          Mouthe


25. July           MIDDLE DISTANCE  Chaux neuve

26. July           LONG DISTANCE     Chaux neuve

Our club, ‘Balise 25 Besançon’, is happy and proud to announce that we will be organizing the “French 4-days O’Doubs 2015“.


Thursday, July 23rd: two sprints, one in the historic village of Rivière-Drugeon, the other in the charming village of Bouverans.

Friday, July 24th: a long distance race in challenging terrain near the village of Mouthe.(finish area of the Trans-Jurassien ski race).

Saturday, July 25th: a middle distance race in the glaciated dreamtime terrain of Chapelle des Bois.

Sunday,July 26th: a long distance race in  highly complex terrain adjoining Saturday’s competition area, and using the same finish arena.

The terrains were selected by Michel Vuillemin, kingpin and stalwart of the orienteering club, who knows the technical and environmental characteristics of each site like the back of his hand. He, together with the course-setters, promise new and varying challenges every day in stupendous terrain which we are sure will leave you waxing lyrical and wanting to come back for more.

During your stay why not visit the Doubs’s department and Franche-Comté’s region. You will discover a rich natural and historical heritage as well as gourmet specialties that will add a tourism component to a sporting holiday.  We guarantee all a truly rewarding and unforgettable experience.

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   0' DOUBS 2015